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Evolve Me, Jesus

This poem may alienate my conservative friends because it talks about evolution, and my liberal friends because it talks about Jesus, or it may be a step toward solid common ground. It was published along with a couple of my other pieces in _God and Nature_ magazine. Thoughtful comments and questions welcome at hope4you@centurytel.net.

Evolve Me, Jesus

There’s a stone in my chest where a heart is supposed to be.
Can you pulverize, pressurize, expand it, set it free?

Evolve me, Jesus, let the Big Bang happen.
Let me hear the sound of your hands clappin’.
Evolve me, Jesus.

Hydrogen, helium, fusion, transformation,
The Trinity inviting us into fiery relation.

Evolve me, Jesus, in your family forever.
With your pure passion, build us together.
Evolve me, Jesus.

We’ve got the nucleotides, C, G, T and A.
If they could get together, we could have DNA.

Evolve me, Jesus, let the pieces fit.
Teach me to pray, not stray or quit.
Evolve me, Jesus.

The pond is drying up, the mountain is getting warm.
Anyone with an idea, raise a wing or arm.

Evolve me, Jesus, leave my sin behind.
Burst the old wineskins, splash the new wine.
Evolve me, Jesus.

There's a fire in my chest full of potentiality.
Evolve me, Jesus

Dan Eumurian, ©2014.

© 2017 all rights reserved - Dan Eumurian