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God Who Created My Cat

Our former neighbor Sherry had a small house and a big heart. Her house was already full of pets, but she saw a black and white kitty in the alley (literally) and set out a box, water and milk. Lizz and I adopted the kitty and named her Coda, which is the Italian musical term for tail.

God Who Created My Cat
Dan Eumurian
God who created my cat,
Let me hunger for your Word,
Let me long for your lap.

Let me thirst for your Spirit
As an alley cat laps expectantly at a faucet.

Let me yearn for heaven
As she gazes from chair back, window sill, bedspread, tower and screen door
At the homeland of her freedom.

Let me wear with joy
The license of belonging you purchased for me,
Knowing that my name is written securely
In the holy city hall.

May I squeeze out my sin and let out my impurities
In the litter box of your mercy.

May I squeal and jump away from spiritual danger
And wait, eyes, ears and tail alert
To pounce on spiritual opportunity.

May I grow fat in spirit,
Even as I retain the delight of my kittiness.

May my antics, vitality, and independence bring you joy.

Let me seek more and more and more
Of the loving stroke of your hand.

Let me scare away mice
And attract neighbors and friends.

Let me jump incredible distances and sink my claws
To get close to you.

O God, who saved me from the alley of misery and destructiveness,
Teach me to play richly with my fellow pets
As we race around.

May I be contented at home in your house
Until I tread on your bed,
And curl up behind your knees.

2014, Dan Eumurian, dba Come Thru Music Co., BMI
1634 Barlow St., La Crosse, WI 54601
CD info and blog at www.PianosNSongs.com

Ten Commandments for Anyone Who Thinks They Own a Cat
Dan Eumurian
1. Thou shalt give me a steady supply of fresh water. I prefer it to be running water, thank you very much.
2. Thou shalt give me the right amount of food on a regular basis.
You can screw up your digestive system; I'm more organized and would appreciate your kind cooperation.
3. Thou shalt clean out my litter box daily. You know the feeling when somebody forgot to flush the toilet.
My nose is even more sensitive.
4. Thou shalt brush my teeth daily. Wait! What am I saying? It's my job to avoid you on such occasions.
It's your job to care enough to outsmart me and do what needs to be done.
5. I reserve the right to paw your leg, jump up on your lap, walk across your belly in bed, tower over you in victory, plop down and curl up next to you. You will pat my head, chuck me under the chin, and generally stroke my fur. I'll bite your hand when I've had enough.
6. Thou shalt capture me when it's time to go to the vet. I will make you feel guilty for having betrayed my trust.
7. I shall disappear at the mention of the word "company" or at the sound of the opening of the door. I shall re-emerge at a time and manner of my choosing, and will capture the heart, attention and admiration of your guest.
8. I shall try every trick in the book to get outside, including exploiting any tear or weakness in a window screen. Thou shalt frustrate my attempts. I do not wish to get a disease, get lost or worse.
9. I will perform astounding acrobatic feats, probe every corner of the house, and hide in unimaginable places.
10. In return, I shall enrich your life with beauty, life, love and joy. You're welcome.

© 2017 all rights reserved - Dan Eumurian