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Inspired by a March 12, 1985 TV documentary by Jim Lehrer entitled "Where Will I Live?" about a certain real estate magnate who, in cooperation with New York City officials, tore down tenement apartment buildings in order to construct expensive condominiums. A follow-up to Dan's song "Junior Mind Your Manners," in which Junior the Pig's mother warns him against acting like a "people" by wasting food, being lazy on the job, engaging in the flight to the suburbs, and engaging in unethical, foolish economic behavior. "Junior" is also on the Farm Country CD.

You left the city's hub just like a greased pig.
You headed for the suburbs where you leased big.
The poor took up the slack in tenement stys,
But now you're going back to make the rent rise.

'Cause you're a yo-yo. You're a yo-yo.
You're going for a spin and you're doing people in 'cause you're a yo-yo.

You think that you're the gentry and you're worth more,
And so you post a sentry at your front door.
Now the low class way of living you attack hard,
While you throw a higher wall around your back yard.

'Cause you're a yo-yo. You're a yo-yo.
Gotta keep the poor away till it's time to make 'em pay, 'cause you're a yo-yo.

(Instrumental break)

Atheistic evolution is a bad guess,
But you're practicing survival of the fattest.
Though the Lord will lift you high if you are humble,
If you're living in a lie you'll take a tumble

Just like a yo-yo, a silly yo-yo.
Don't be a yo-yo. No no no yo-yo.
Don't be a yo-yo, a silly yo-yo.

Words and music by Dan Eumurian
Copyright 1986, Come Thru Music Co., BMI on "Farm Country" album

© 2017 all rights reserved - Dan Eumurian