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Healthy as a Bear

I wrote this little song around 40 years ago. A roughly similar message is found in the book _None of These Diseases_, by S. I. McMillen, M.D. Please practice good personal hygiene, isolation, and social distancing wherever possible.

Healthy as a Bear

If you're allergic to sin and susceptible to right,
If you're infected with a grin and you're limping in the light,
If you're coming down with gratitude for all God's love and care,
Then you're fit as a fiddle and as healthy as a bear.

If your smile is contagious and you're breaking out in song,
If you're outraged at the outrageous and react against the wrong,
If you're sensitive to feelings and you tend to chronic prayer,
Then you're fit as a fiddle and as healthy as a bear.

They say that laughter does good just like a medicine,
And though you weep now, your joy need never end.
Since Jesus died, we can have a vaccination;
Because he lives, we can all be on the mend.

If your attitude is critical, as sometimes it may be,
Then when someone criticizes, you should take them seriously.
Take the bitter pills with patience; learn to love, forgive and care.
You'll be fit as a fiddle and as healthy as a bear!

Copyright 1978, Dan Eumurian

© 2017 all rights reserved - Dan Eumurian