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Hot Potato


"Hot Potato" was a children's game I learned many years ago. We would toss a beanbag around among ourselves. Whoever was holding it when the music stopped was "It." We have been given food resources to share, not to hoard.

Hot potato country, hot potato town, hot potato given to be passed around.
Hot potato holder, holding on so hard, pretty soon your fingers gonna all get charred.
Laying on the butter, pouring on the salt, you let people starve and say it's not your fault.
Hot potato pancake, hot potato fries, hanging onto nothing while your planet dies.

When the game is gonna be over, God only knows.
Pray you won't be in for a scorching when the whistle blows.

Isn't it kind of funny, but isn't it right?
What is meant to help you can hurt you if you hold it too tight.

Hot potato stuffing, hot potato skin, truth may steam you but it saves the vitamin.
Hot potato picnic, feed 'em to the poor. Show 'em how to grow 'em, take your heart on tour.

Copyright 1986, Come Thru Music Co., BMI, on "Farm Country" album. May be used freely to support food sharing activities, with attribution to Dan Eumurian, hope4you@centurytel.net, www.PianosNSongs.com

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