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Welcome to PianosNSongs.com, home of Eumurian Piano Sales & Service and Come Thru Music Co., BMI, both the creations of me, Dan Eumurian. I'm a Registered Piano Technician in The Piano Technicians Guild, Inc., and have been tuning and servicing pianos for over 30 years. I sell Charles R. Walter premium quality, American made grand, decorator console, and studio pianos. I've written hundreds of songs and poems and several musical plays. Some of the songs are
"Eumurian Piano Sales & Service and Come Thru Music Co., BMI"
available on "Farm Country," a CD of 20 songs, most of them my own. Others are on "Censored by a Cigarette," a CD of 15 funny but pointed antismoking songs and one inspirational song entitled "My Sky." The "Censored by a Cigarette" songs are also available in a songbook, with lyric pages for classroom use. Dr. J. Leslie Oganowski, professor emeritus of health education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, created lesson plans for health education classes for three of the songs. For my work with Dr. Oganowski, I was given honorary membership in Eta Sigma Gamma, the UW-L health education honor society. The songs have received international acclaim from advertising and tobacco control professionals.

Enjoy the sample songs and poems and my blog comments! Check me out at Facebook.com/dan.eumurian. Send me feedback, order CDs, or book piano tuning or sales appointments or school, church or other performances at hope4you@centurytel.net.

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